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About This Course

Vedic mathematics is an ancient technique consisting of sixteen sutras and sixteen sub-sutras. It simplifies not only the fundamental arithmetic operations, such as multiplication and division, but also more advanced concepts such as simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, the factorization of cubic equations, and so on. Vedic mathematical technique is rapidly emerging as a tool for students appearing in various competitive examinations, where speed and accuracy play a vital role.

This programme is designed to introduce with the concepts of Vedic Mathematics which will help them to do complex calculations within the time of few seconds. The modules for the session will be uploaded every weekend. The weekdays will be dedicated for practicing and completing quizzes and assignments. Dr. Himmat Bhardwaj, an international memory trainer and Vedic mathematics expert will conduct sessions for the programme.


*Introduction of Vedic Mathematics

*Base and Complements

*Instant/Mental Subtraction

*General Subtractions

*Magic with 11

*Multiplication by 11 - 19

*General/Random Multiplication

*Multiplication with 99999 in less than 04 seconds (Type 1, 2 and 3)

*Multiplication of any number by 111

*Multiplication of Numbers near Bases (Type 1, 2 and 3)

*General Squares/ Finding Squares in One Line

*Interesting Mental Squares 11 - 20; 50 -60; 40 - 50; 60 -70

*Magical Calendar and its concept

*Faster Addition, Mental Addition

*Cubing below and above the base

*General Cubes (2 bases)

*Square roots at a glance

*Tables upto 100

*Magic Divisions

*Digital Root

*Cube Root

*100 years calendar

*200 years calendar