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Digital Marketing

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

This 2 months course on Digital Marketing (equivalent to Professional Certification in digital marketing ) will enable you to understand the digital customer behavior, build digital marketing strategies, and identify in-demand metrics to effectively measure and optimize ROI . This online programme will help you plan and execute transformational digital marketing strategies and best practices including social media marketing and advertising. Topics covering areas like Introduction to Digital Marketing and it's Objectives , Website Designing and Site Design, Search Engine Optimization , ON-Page SEO And OFF-Page SEO , Marketing On Various Social Media Platforms Like – Facebook , Instagram , Youtube , Twitter , Pininterest , Linkedln Branding , Search Engine Marketing , E-Mail Marketing , Web Analytics , Inbound Marketing will be covered .

Highlights of The Course

  • 1. Self-paced course
  • 2. Recorded and live sessions
  • 3. Hands on practice through quizzes and assignment and project
  • 4. Complete learning resources including Study Material, access to recordings of live sessions, Datasets, Software Program Codes.
  • 5. Participants will be able to interact & resolve their queries during the live sessions through chat, audio-video conversation, & screen sharing.
  • Link to download the brochure : BROCHURE