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About This Course

Academic Writing is the most significant parameter for making our research more effective. However, we all struggle with writing and the technicalities of the writing process at some stage in our research career. This One-week Faculty Development Programme on Academic Writing for Research is an intervention in easing out the problem faced by students, researchers and faculty members. Through this programme, we aim to highlight the important elements of academic writing and its process. Writing academically might be different from different disciplines yet there are some common practices which everyone should abide by in their research. This programme will introduce the participants with those best practices and how technology can be an empowering tool for us in incorporating those practices in our research in a seamless way.

We hope that by the end of the programme, the participants will have a better understanding of framing and structuring a research argument. They will be informed about the significance of dividing the academic article/research in different sections and structure them accordingly. The participants will be specifically trained in the best practices of writing, ranging from anti-plagiarism and publishing in reputed journals. Lastly, the participants will have a deeper knowledge of incorporating certain technological applications in their writing process.