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Data Science

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About This Course

The 3-Months Course on "Data Science" will enable you to understand the Data Science technologies through hands-on project-based approach and prepares you for a career in this domain. This online programme will help you pre-process, modify and manipulate structured datasets. This will help you understand how to code rather than knowing the code.

This course will cover various modules including :
• Data Science Project Lifecycle
• Basic Statistics
• Python
• Inferential Statistics
• Regression And Anova
• Exploratry Data Analysis
• Supervised Machine Learning

This course on ‘Data Science’ is towards preparing you for a rewarding career in data science with data management and analytic skills and strategies that are robust and reliable even in our current ever-evolving economy.

Highlights of The Course

  1. 1. Self-paced course
  2. 2. Recorded and live sessions
  3. 3. Hands on practice through quizzes and assignment and project
  4. 4. Complete learning resources including Study Material, access to recordings of live sessions, Datasets, Software Program Codes.
  5. 5. Participants will be able to interact & resolve their queries during the live sessions through chat, audio-video conversation, & screen sharing.

Link to download the brochure : BROCHURE
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