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About This Course

This programme is designed to introduce learners to the Microsoft Office suite, covering the three most popular applications used in businesses the world over - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. In this programme, you will gain proficiency in using the three Microsoft Office applications, as well as gain hands-on exposure on how to use them effectively in common work situations by learning how to write and present effectively, and how to analyse data. LEARNING OBJECTIVES After the completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • 1. Gain familiarity with the vocabulary of computers and the Office suite
  • 2. Create professional-looking documents for a variety of scenarios
  • 3. Prepare & deliver impactful presentations
  • 4. Build spreadsheets to perform calculations
  • 5. Analyse data to draw insights & inferences
  • 6. Learn ways to use the software applications more efficiently
  • 7. Learn to use a combination of tools (and the internet) and understand how they work with each other through assignments/projects

Link to download the brochure : BROCHURE